Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog 9: Flower Crystal O Pendant

they are my favorites :)  pattern is below

Blog 8: Right Angle Weave Bracelet / Bangle

 size 6 seed beads or 4mm beads are suitable for this bangle project

 32 Units right angle weave, 90 degree cw and complete all    

zip it up (add 1 bead for each unit)

finish it by connecting two ends :)

Blog 7: Ear Cuff Making

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blog 5: My handmade sock loom and slippers :)

My cute comfy slippers

I am back again with my cute comfy slippers and Here is the story of them…

I was looking for a small loom for a while 

I made online searches, watched videos to learn their brand etc… how many pegs they have, what size they are …

And couldn’t fine one for the sock sizeso decided to make my own one.


My brother in law and I, with my new rotary tool cut the wood piece and hammered 20 nails

Radius between nails is 10.5 cm (my foot is thin and long) 

If you have wide foot you may need to increase the radius just little bit and add 1 or 2 more nails

Secure the nails it with strong glue

This is how I made them..


You need to know the basics in loom knitting and then it is fairly easy. 

Make 3 rows of knitting then leave a split (CW and CCW knitting) up to the desired length

Then continue to knit to your foot length

Then knot the front part and sow the back heel part.

I used t-shirt stretchy yarn

When I make new ones I will add them here. With thick and fluffy ones it can be easier and prettier

Ask me if you have any questions

Aylin :-)